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Why Must We Steal Away To Steal A Kiss Or Two


22° halo

A 22° halo is an optical phenomenon whereby a large ring or halo is formed 22 degrees around the sun. Light is refracted in hexagonal ice crystals in the cirrus clouds. Red light is refracted 21.54° and blue light 22.37°. This wavelength-dependent variation in refraction causes the inner edge of the circle to be reddish while the outer edge is bluish. The centre of the ring is often darker because no light is refracted beyond the red line.
22 degree halos are often thought to be a warning of approaching storms because the cirrus clouds in which they form are often present a few days before a weather change.

Image: 22° halo around the sun in southern Victoria, credit Alex Jaeger

Fathom the Universe

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Dame Julie Andrews being flawless ♥


The sexual tension between Bert and Mary Poppins is unreal

Vivien Leigh celebrating her birthday on the set of That Hamilton Woman (1941). 


Photographer Perfectly Places iPhone Photos (28 Pics)

Julie Andrews + some of my favourite quotes


Young women at a 1950s house party.


You watch us run.

It’s heartbreaking how River pleads with him to listen to her. To at least hear her. Because now she’d been to the Library. And the last thing she remembers is a young Doctor who wouldn’t listen, one she had to save by giving up her own life. And so she begins to loose it and in desperation tries to slap him because if it worked on Vastra, maybe it could work on him too. But it doesn’t work because he’s looking right at her. He’s… touching her. And he’s — angry. Because she should have known! But she doesn’t. So he reveals to her what she’s failed to see since they’ve been together. That he’d learned from his mistakes. That he always listened. Then he brings her hand up against his chest and she finally gets it. She’d been dead to him all along and it never stopped him from hearing her. So why would it start now?


Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins (1964)

What’s the first thing an actor learns? The show must go on! Come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet, the show MUST go on!

I’m always watching.





why don’t you make like a tree and


Birnam Wood’s on the march

Really quite hopeless... used to have a life before I discovered various TV shows-I find I frequently become rather obsessed with some TV shows and their actors/actresses and before you know it it's exam season and no work has been done!
In denial over Ruth Evershed-because we all know she lives... And don't even get me started on Julie Andrews...

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