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Why Must We Steal Away To Steal A Kiss Or Two


Movies featured in The Great Movie Ride 1/12

Mary Poppins (1964)


No I don’t think you understand

Mary Poppins is the best movie ever


I can’t get over how fucking amazing Mary Poppins is


I love Julie Andrews


forever role model Julie Andrews


Untitled on We Heart It.

Oscar de la Renta New York Fall 2012 - Details


Peter Capaldi doesn’t really fuck about these days.


I Dood It (1943) starring Red Skelton and Eleanor Powell is a faithful remake of Buster Keaton’s last silent film Spite Marriage (1929). This particular sequence is almost scene for scene as the original. Both newly married husbands confronted with the task of putting their their knocked out wives to bed on their wedding night.


Some of us, I know, like to tell white lies about our yesterdays. We romanticize our contemporaries—and give them a dimension they don’t deserve. But Clark Gable was all man—no myth created out of nostalgia. […] His manliness came out in so many ways—in the sudden eruption of boisterous laughter, in the capacity for competition, in the need for physical daring, in the total acceptance of life as tragedy and comedy, and in the exceptional ability to establish friendship beyond a thin smile and weak handshake. He had a zest for adventure that makes today’s obsession for easy-does-it security shameful. He was not afraid of life because he was too busy living.

Joan Crawford, 1967

Really quite hopeless... used to have a life before I discovered various TV shows-I find I frequently become rather obsessed with some TV shows and their actors/actresses and before you know it it's exam season and no work has been done!
In denial over Ruth Evershed-because we all know she lives... And don't even get me started on Julie Andrews...

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